Jasmine.js - Hello World

Posted on 2016-01-10

using VSCode

1.download last version Jasmine.js in Github, currently version is 2.4.1 (or using git clone it)

2.unzip it

3.install jasmine tsd in unzip folder

$ npm install -g tsd // if not install tsd  
$ tsd install jasmine --save // install node tsd file and save in tsd.json  

4.create hello.js file in src folder

function helloWorld(){  
    return "Hello World !";

5.create hello.spec.js file in spec folder

describe("Hello world Test", function(){
   it("says hello", function(){
       expect(helloWorld()).toEqual("Hello World !");

6.modify SpecRunner.html file, write hello.js and hello.spec.js path in script and remove other

7.browse SpecRunner.html, you can see 0 failures

8.if modify hello.js

function helloWorld(){  
    return "Hello World 123";

9.refresh SpecRunner.html, you can see 1 failures